Various web pages designed by many experts in web design are:

What are the various websites designed by experts in web design? Let us know a few common ones. Let us know that a website can be of one type or a mixture of different types. Let us see about most popular types of websites.

Search Engines

blogsSearch engines are some of the world’s most popular sites due to their thousands of traffic and tourists. Generally, they focus on a service they are renowned for: providing users with information based on the keywords they key in the search bar.

Yellow Pages and Web Directories

Directories and yellow pages function like search engines, but provide only basic information. Most of the people turned to these search books for apartments available in particular areas, for company, to hire a plumber, electrician or some other occupation, to search for certain facilities, to purchase goods, to look for escorts and so on. Many directories and yellow pages can be personalized for area or location searches. Users can also post advertisements that have been classified there.


Portals are multifunctional websites, which means websites providing multiple services. Examples include Google, Yahoo MSN and AOL. Google is the world’s most popular search engine with many other services, including social networking, email and blogging. Many well recognized Moonlight portals, such as search engines, web archives, news websites, email service providers, and even the submission directory.

The information sites are dedicated to providing information for a particular niche industry or even to extend its reach.

A personal website is operated by a single person to bring everything online. Many professionals, in particular IT specialists, authors, photographers and designers, use their personal websites to demonstrate their portfolio and skills.


Blogs are much like personal websites, just that they are lighted like personal diaries because their users are free to share their thoughts and write whatever they want for their followers or readers.