turn a picture

You can do the following to turn a picture into clipart:

  • Open the picture you want to convert to clip art using Photoshop. Go to File and Open and select your desired file.
  • Go to the file and choose New to create a new file. Enter your desired size and select Transparent.
  • Click on the image to trigger the file and use the filtering feature to only pick the subject of the image. You can first use the Magic Wall Tool. Click on the tool and then click on the picture subject.

  • If the wall does not pick the subject properly, use the Magnetic Lasso Tool and move your cursor, as near as possible to the subject, when holding the mouse button. The lines are moved to the topic.
  • Copy and paste your collection into the new canvas that you have developed.
  • Pick the Magnifying glass on the new canvas and press to increase the image size. Click on the Eraser Tool, scroll the object around the image and use the eraser to delete anything from the context and anything else in the image you do not want from the clip art.
  • Save your image in a GIF format.

digital photographs

With so many sensitive clipart pictures, digital photographs are quickly turned into photo designs to recall your sweet memories. These tiny online designs provide a better way of expressing your feelings. All these images of the clip can be edited to match your style.

It will definitely enable you to create some fantastic photographic designs, while you are not a skilled artist.