scroll extension
  • Get the Google Chrome Auto Scroll extension. Click Add to Chrome and it will be added to your browser automatically.
  • Navigate to the website you want QuickTime Player to catch and launch. We will essentially record our screen as it scrolls automatically.
  • Click File, then New Screen Recording and a record button is shown. Click on the record and a prompt with options will be shown. Click anywhere on your computer to start the recording and create a full screen of your browser. Click the Quick Auto Scroll extension and wait to scroll through the entire web. When it is over, press and complete the stop button in your browser.


  • Take care of what you need. When you finish your screen recording, you will have a video you can trim to be exactly what you need. Inside QuickTime Player, you can do this, saving you time later.
  • Find an image or graph you want the animation to be put in.
  • Open any program you want to use for video editing and you will be able to overlay any graphics over your video or vice versa. We will use Adobe Premiere Pro for this video. Right-click on your media bin in the bottom left of the page and click Import. Pick the picture you want to record the video and the screen. Drag both of these things to the bottom right of your workspace.

Make sure the image is under your video because it works as layers and you want the image on the bottom. If you are knowledgeable about Photoshop, you can also wrap the pixels in the screen magically to place your picture on the top level and provide a more natural framing of your recording.

Right-click on your image and click Set to Frame size to make your image fill the entire frame. Now pick the video in your workspace and press Scale at the top left panel. Drag your video to set your desktop framework to the right scale. These are the ways to make a scrolling animation in Photoshop.

Once it is put correctly, you can test it by playing. Go to File > Export your animation to full. Your animation is finished! Go ahead, post it in social media and celebrate the launch of your website.