Partners and Related Organisations

Below you will find links to several partner organisations who have helped to support this project. You will also find a host of information about Scottish seafood.   If you can’t find what you need, please contact the project manager, nicki [at] seafoodinschools [dot] org.


Marine Scotland's purpose is to manage Scotland's seas for prosperity and environmental sustainability. Responsibilities include working towards achieving good environmental status, through marine planning, licensing and other functions, to help ensure a healthy and sustainable environment.

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Seafood Scotland is a trade organisation set up in 1999 by the main representatives of the Scottish seafood industry, to market, promote and develop responsibly caught Scottish seafood in order to maximise the value return to industry.
Seafood Scotland also acts as delivery partner for Seafish in Scotland.
The organisation works closely with all sectors of the Scottish seafood supply chain, from catching and processing, through to retail, food service and consumption, and encourages and facilitates those sectors to cooperate together.

Fish is the Dish offers top tips for all of the family. It’s about encouraging families to include more seafood in their family diet.  It is a digital media campaign that encompasses Twitter @fishisthedish, and bloggers, there are a list of the bloggers we are working with at our website.

Fish is the Dish website

Freedom Food is a charity dedicated to farm animal welfare and is a part of the RSPCA.  We check that our members look after their animals according to strict RSPCA welfare standards, which cover the whole of an animal’s life.  

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Freedom Food website

Nearly three quarters of the most important wild fish stocks around the world are exploited at their maximum level, over-exploited or threatened today by over-exploitation . In certain areas, continuation of the policies and fishing practices of the last few decades is neither responsible nor sustainable, from environmental, social or economic points of view.

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Responsible Fishing Alliance

The Responsible Fishing Scheme has been developed to raise standards in the catching sector. The Responsible Fishing Scheme was created in response to the needs of the seafood supply chain to demonstrate their commitment to the responsible sourcing of seafood. The aim is that over time it will become a condition of supply.

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Responsible Fishing Scheme

The British Trout Association Ltd (BTA) has been representing the UK trout industry for nearly 30 years. Established in 1983, our mission is to keep trout in the mind of the consumer as a healthy and nutritious product whilst offering members a full trade association service. The BTA plays a pivotal role in the continuing development of the industry on several fronts.
Our website acts as a portal for all sorts of information on UK trout farming, from delicious recipes to basic information on fish farm husbandry.

The British Trout Association

Our seas are under immense pressure – too many fish are being taken out, too much rubbish is being thrown in and not enough is being done to protect our marine wildlife , habitats and fish stocks.  The Marine Conservation Society is the UK charity dedicated to protecting our seas, shores and wildlife. We work with the public, governments, industry, commercial partners and communities to raise awareness of the serious issues facing our seas. Our role is to educate and inspire people to change their habits, opinions and preconceptions to help preserve our oceans for generations to come.

Marine Conservation Society Website