A common task for many designers in Photoshop is to remove a background from a picture. This is also the case for company or site logos for colored background-which makes it difficult to put the logo on various colored backgrounds because it normally looks bad and produces an unprofessional look. Thus, they need to make the logo background transparent.

For instance, if a logo with a red background is put on a yellow background, it probably looks very bad.

transparencyOne of the solutions is to delete the background with transparency from Photoshop-this is usually a very simple task and allows you to use your logo (or image) on any background you like.

Clipping a picture from the background is a difficult work, but the results are amazing. Next, you pick a picture you want to delete from the background clip. In Photoshop, open it. Open it. Then, render the background a layer and call it “image,” and then create two separate layers behind the image layer. Fill the black one layer and the white one layer. Whoever is black and white does not matter as these textures are used to look at the darker and lighter parts of the border of the items.

Now, from the toolbar, pick the Lasso tool and watch the object you will hold. Do not pick the object’s actual edge. Go out from the edge about 8px to 10px. When done, reverse the list and press the delete button. You will find that you have a black or white history. You may need to decide which background layer to use depending on the darkness of the edge. Typically I begin with the black and turn with the white back and forth.

All right, you are able to delete the rest of the history now. Choose a 45 soft edge Eraser tool and create a 10px brush scale. Start to remove the access history from the same area you have begun with the Lasso tool to trace the object. You can use your shortcut key to size up or down the Eraser method. Scale the eraser tool to 5px and run it again along the object’s edge to see the background erase before your eyes.

When phase 4 is done, use a 3px tool to run the blur tool around the edges. Stay out the edge and watch the edge blend with the background white or black. When you have done, discard the white and black background and save your cut picture with a clear background as.

You now have a clipped picture that you can use with a clear backdrop in your papers.