This is a very critical move that has been neglected. It is interesting how people believe they know what such acts look like and how long they take, but in fact they are always mistaken.

Physical actions need to be evaluated before you animate, particularly if you are a newbie. Have you got a picture of a man throwing a baseball? Better YouTube a comparison video of balls tossing pitchers. Do not say that you know how an event looks because you saw it before. Seeing an action as an animator is very different from seeing it as a normal audience. For this, you can use iMovie for animation.

It is time to create the main poses of the shot after shooting a guide. These poses are regarded as the most significant poses of the shot. These are the poses that transmit the shot’s narrative. We best see to it that we get those positions right, as we will build on them for the rest of the process.

Once we are pleased with our main poses, we begin to split the movement from one place to another by adds ‘in between’ (also known as breakdown poses). These are the positions that bind the main positions.

We add more poses until the move looks as good as possible while still in step mode (stepped mode is when interpolation between poses is not permitted which leads to a very hectic / blocking movement).

Splining is a term for 3D animation. It is the process by which the interpolation of the keys is translated from stage to spline. In other words, you link the movement between your positions and that makes the movement smoother.


The problem is that the machine does not interpolate very well. It operates only for what it has. The better the blocking, the better the splinted version would look.

We must now operate on all of our keys in spline mode. Both curves have to be cleaned and the movement looks smooth.

It is also a good idea to offset those acts so it does not seem like “stop and start,” as though the character makes all the movement all at once. At the end of this phase your shot should look pretty good and almost full. You can also make simple animation in iMovie.

This move is so much fun. We have finished with the grunt animating work and it is time to add some fun stuff.