Hundreds of thousands of fonts are available and the list continues to expand every day. There is the best font for your website design out of this font pool. To choose the right font for a website is not as easy as it sounds and it is not just a matter of choosing fonts from a list. Much consideration must be given to selecting the right font based on the studies of past typographers. These faceless artists have worked hard and developed styles.

Much like art, type has an evolving past. Studies of the style of fonts of past generations will help us pick the right fonts for the job … our website. This blog is a brief introduction and will aid you in your choices.


In general, the old style was the first established style which evolved, the hand-held chisel being the earliest influence. Ancient typographers used chisels to shape words at an angle in stone. This approach gave rise to the typical serif that helped to finish the stone sculpted letterforms. Today the serif allows readers to walk from one word to another, it is likely that in ancient times the artist’s chisel permitted a smooth transition from one type to another.

style of fonts

If a contemporary artist tries to invoke a feeling of antiquity, equilibrium or temporality. These fonts were made with the influence of ancient stone writings and manuscripts from the middle ages. By this time, artists also started to experiment, and letters began to emerge slowly.

This does not mean you cannot use fonts on your website. If you can use an abstract font, or a font that is unavailable to anyone, your design intent might be lost because someone on the other side of the world does not have the same font, so they would see a substituted font instead. This is most popular in headline fonts. For instance, the Impact font can be a major choice because it is very weighty and attracts a lot of attention.